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ThinkCoin - Peer to Peer Multi Asset Trading on the Blockchain

TradeConnect will allow the trading of any financial asset on earth. TradeConnect has multiple advanced characteristics that make it different from different networks. By the close of the calendar year, TradeConnect aims to have already obtained approval to operate as an accredited exchange in the States. TradeConnect has chosen to remove commissions altogether and will implement a Connect Fee paid in TCO that will fund the continuing development and upkeep of the network along with incentivize traders to take part in the TradeConnect economy.
The contract would then be set by means of an oracle like an unaffiliated price feed to establish the outcomes of the trade. A trading platform that makes it possible for businesses to list their digital currency (listing), raise capital to perform technology projects and begin a small business. It offers the company with valuable practical experience to operate within this marketplace and a prospective user base of tens of thousands of consumers. By launching TradeConnect and ThinkCoin, the organization plans to keep on adding to its digital portfolio of goods and solutions. As an international financial services company, we are dedicated to becoming the top provider of blockchain services.
The platform intends to democratize trading whilst improving the trading experience. Blockchain technology brings a new degree of transparency to financial markets however, because of the disposition of order confirmations', users face substantial delays when compared with traditional technologies in addition to facing scalability problems, particularly for high-frequency and algorithmic trading. There are a number of different forms of computer software that are created for coin collecting.
TradeConnect's primary purpose is to develop into the world's biggest multi-asset blockchain-based trading network. Overtime I discovered other cheap procedures to acquire some nice coins, among the methods I still use, is something which anyone can do in order to begin building a great coin collection. Overtime I discovered other cheap techniques to aquire some nice coins, among the methods I still use, is something which everyone can do in order to begin building a great coin collection. Other men and women collect state quarters, and a few others collect certain coins like nickles or dimes, and attempt to construct a whole collection as time passes.
Coinbase is among the most popular and well-known brokers and trading platforms on earth. Our parent company ThinkMarkets has flourished inside this world, but new technology has made new opportunities in financial services, and we wish to keep our position at the frontier of innovation. ThinkCoin will provide peer-to-peer multi-asset trading on a hybrid network named TradeConnect. Recently ThinkCoin has been reviewed by many of different ICO sites, and we're ecstatic to see as much positivity for our undertaking. Only ThinkCoin may be used to do trades on the network. ThinkCoin provides the quickest and most dependable trade. ThinkCoin ICO is going to be launched soon.
Readers should do their own research prior to taking any actions linked to the business. In that case, debit cards are a terrific way for tracking personal expenses. In the not too recent past people used checks and cash to cover groceries, but over the past ten years it's far more common to find people using a debit card for purchases that range from the dentist to purchasing a soda. Smaller wallets aren't simple to close with this much bulky change, and hopefully, you're keeping tabs on all these transactions to make sure the correct change is being received. I can inform you at the moment, everyone can collect coins and you don't need to be rich.
Some of the main advantages of the platform include the capacity to trade any financial asset on earth, the capacity to conduct peer-to-peer trading in a worldwide marketplace, and the liberty of completing trades in seconds not days. 0chain's self-forking ability will additionally help to scale the architecture as soon as the range of transactions increases with the debut of new products and the development of ThinkCoin's community. Individuals will also have the occasion to trade with one another, and all participants will have full charge of their money. Whitepapers outline all essential information so it is possible to understand the way that it works. Not one of the info you read on CryptoSlate ought to be taken as investment advice. Here's a list of each of the top crypto-currency exchanges.
ThinkCoin and TradeConnect are more than merely a whitepaper program. This hub will investigate the advantages of employing a debit card. The arrival of the blockchain has created the very first key chance to disrupt these markets since the debut of electronic trading in the 1980s. Low cost The decentralized protocol usually means that the regular brokerage fees are not going to apply. This approach would cause important delays across the entire ecosystem and lead to transaction times to expand significantly.


What is ThinkCoin?

ThinkCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to allow trading in financial products and cryptocurrencies between individuals and institutions on a level playing field.

Token Information

  • Name: ThinkCoin (TCO)
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • Total Allocation: 300,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $30,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap: $5,000,000 USD
  • Currency: BTC, ETH , BCH and Fiat

Spend Allocation

  • 45% : New User Aquisition and Marketing
  • 30% : TradeConnect Development
  • 12% : Operations
  • 10% : Licensing additions and Changes
  • 3% : Legal. audit and advisory

TCO Token Allocation

  • 60% : Private Sale, Pre-ICO and ICO (300,000,000)
    ~ 40% private sale (120,000,000)
    ~ 30% Per-ICO (90,000,000)
    ~ 30% ICO (90,000,000)
  • 24% : Retained
  • 15% : Team
  • 1% : Bounties

Executive Team

Strategic Advisors

Technology Team


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