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HIREGO - Decentralized Car Sharing Platform

HireGo supplies an inexpensive platform by charging low fees to the users that are channelled back in the system for keeping the platform. Basically, HireGo is disrupting the operations of present car rentals by offering a secure and trustable marketplace with a very simple interface to ease the car rentals. HireGo functions as a peer to peer network that may be used by car lease businesses and other people who want to give their car-sharing services. HireGo utilises a technology depending on the Ethereum blockchain called the wise contracts protocol. HireGo intends to create a really decentralised application. Low fees HireGo intends to create a really decentralised application.
The lightness of the head made it tricky to keep tabs on, however, producing a little bit of inconsistency. Simplicity and security is the initial priority for HireGo. The distinctive smooth-sole design reduces digging into the floor and the very low center of gravity makes it simple to find the ball airborn quickly. It would be simple for all of us to sell you precisely what you want in a customized golf club fitting.
Arrange your own vehicle hire excess insurance in advance Car hire excess insurance is essential for car rental it's intended to reduce the pricey excess you would need to pay towards the price of repairs if you had a crash. In addition, the creation of their community which will be sharing their vehicle and is going to have a simpler access to discover somebody to share the car with. Previously, acquiring a car of your own was considered the very best approach to receive around. In 2017 the same sum of cars were sold in the usa and Europe as in 1960. Keep a little stash of coins offered for auto parking, since most towns and cities charge for central parking spaces. When you select this truly distinctive method to find the city, you can stop whenever you need and you'll be able to blow by attractions as fast as you would like. These regions are thought to be Ireland's most outstanding countryside.
It is possible to pay to decrease the car hire excess charges should anything fail. HireGo fees will merely cover direct costs related to running of the application. Exchanges in South Korea are accountable for more than a quarter of the worldwide volume. Car sharing is growing increasingly popular as statistics demonstrate a drastic gain in the range of car sharing members throughout the planet. It comes with several conveniences which helps car owners to reduce the burden of ownership as well as the maintenance costs that come with it.
Users will have the ability to seamlessly access distinctive kinds of mobilities like shared cars, bikes, and public transport. They are able to select any vehicle, according to their preference. It offers assurance to users they can avail of dependable services by means of this platform. Users will have the ability to access the HireGo platform from any place in the world. The HireGo applications supply a gateway for accessing this data in an intuitive fashion and will produce and send the crucial transactions, eliminating any prospective friction for the user no understanding of the blockchain is required to use the market.
The platform is user-friendly and there isn't any demand for users to know about blockchain technology. The HireGo platform is going to be a portion of the connected shared mobility future. The marketplace will provide various insurance alternatives for users which will be given by trusted industrial partners. To provide additional peace-of-mind, it will also offer various insurance options for users. The HireGo marketplace stipulates a directory of vehicles offered for hire.
Our aim is to earn a difference to our customized golf fitting clients, to provide you with the performance you're searching for in a customized golf club sets and become a resource for your customized golf club requirements. Their objective is to set the technological and usability standards for the automobile hire market. For people who realize the capacity of car sharing services are going to want to register on this platform.
By studying the team in place at the HireGo ICO you will have the ability to look at their experience on the market sector, but what you will also have to do to help you figure out if their concept backing their initial coin offering does have merit is to examine their white paper too. Have you ever felt like you are exhausted from the life due to the transportation. Spare change is also helpful for the few toll roads around the United Kingdom. It's a great concept to photograph the car too, to capture the status in which you picked this up.

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Token details

  • Symbol: HGO
  • Initial Value: 1 ETH = 4,000 HGO
  • Type: ERC20
  • Token Supply Cap: 100,000,000 HGO
  • Soft Cap: 1,500 ETH
  • Hard Cap 15,000 ETH

Token Distributin

  • 60% ICO
  • 5% HireGo app early birds
  • 15% Founders*
  • 10% Team*
  • 10% ICO organization, bounties, legal and incorporation expenses, payments for advisors, third-party services
Tokens are locked for 6 months from the end of the ICO for the founders and team


Key Partnerships


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