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AirPod – Transforming Travel and Napping Industry

The APOD token won't be related to the cryptomarket. All around the presale, 140 million APOD tokens will be presented. The sooner you participate the more tokens you'll get. Token circulation Tokens will begin to circulate between AirPod project and our clients, creating our very own internal economy. The terminals aren't only noisy but have zero privacy. Passengers want a fast, easy and cost-effective approach to shell out just for a couple hours.
As you may see, there are lots of characteristics to recommend AirPods. Another factor is the higher costs of purchasing an adequate object of hardware. Next, after that, you need to be some amount of attractive, obviously. Certainly, there's a potential for men and women in the not too distant future. Let's check out the 5 important advantages you will revel in once the use of an AirPod.
None of the info you read on CryptoSlate ought to be taken as investment advice. It's possible to inspect the accessibility to each AirPod hub on-site. You may discover more information about those periods below. ICO processes sometimes bring about incredible success. The system will lead you get through the approach. Furthermore, there are several controls accessed from the exact smaller buds themselves. Then there's the optical sensor which ensures your Token locks your credentials after you take it off, and therefore you don't need to be concerned about losing it.
AirPod will use blockchain technology to alleviate the pod rental strategy. AirPod will use blockchain technology to complete the pod rental strategy. The very first airpod counts to be set up in the very first portion of 2019. It's very good to likewise note that Airpod is intended for appropriate relaxation and convenience within any spot it's installed. Why Use AirPod AirPod is prepared to strengthen vacationers enjoy by means of addressing the matter of lengthy ready hours in airport terminals.
AirPod offers the chance to take part in an ICO, backed by a true enterprise. The AIRPOD will also be found in hotels, offices and public spaces, which makes it a lot easier for people who should rest to find the rest they require in a relaxed environment. To be able to facilitate growth within this undertaking, AIRPOD is holding a TOKEN SALE to let everyone be part of this business should they so desire. Airpod is going to be the solution for you that you're looking for relaxation and privacy in a crowded location. The AirPod Sleeping Pod is very good as it lets you rest whilst enjoying your own privacy. The Airpod is famous for its slogan of relax, work and revel in on the blockchain. While pairing AirPods with your Apple device is pretty simple, there are lots of other subtle characteristics that produce the AirPods even more useful.
You might need to await the plane to earn a delay. Regardless, it is going to help it become a top priority to discover what triggered the incident. Another big issue with the outdated financial system is that lots of people don't have accessibility to it.
It is possible to even pitch in a couple of additional work whilst waiting for your next flight. You are going to be relaxed and revitalized in no moment! Especially since buying things on the web usually requires you to complete your private info on some form. The concept is to supply the best kind of relaxation in public places and spaces generally speaking.
Based on the success of the undertaking and its partnerships, the undertaking can offer remarkable services later on. The proposal may be licensed or rejected. It might be authorized or rejected. It will be approved or rejected.
It is possible to purchase a prebuilt machine or build one yourself and then you devote a small sum of time setting up files and programs that let you to mine. With AirPod sleek, ergonomic design, it might be slot into a number of surroundings. Sometimes you've got to play the game to alter the game, I admit to Contessa.
The custom made Blockchain we're creating will assist us to fulfill our objectives as a provider. Pre-Sale is the very first time that tokens will be created open to the overall public. Crowdsale is the principal event where everybody can participate. Crowdsale Crowdsale is the principal event where everybody can participate. Instead of needing to use a financial institution account, debit card, or fiat as the principal way of purchasing cryptocurrency, Paxful allows more than 300 ways for a man to purchase Bitcoin, including through gift cards.
To start with, their design is innocuous in only the correct way. The platform will ensure it is conceivable to research the price assortment of the AirPods without spending a dime and create a choice the only they should undertake. The platform will allow it to be potential to research the funds of the AirPods totally free and decide on the one they desire to undertake. Fortunately, there's a whole cottage industry of AirPod accessories to boost the lookand performanceof your wireless headset. For instance, partnerships with projects like Netflix and Spotify can be quite enjoyable.
Team members have the fantastic strategy as well experience, so in a quick period, passengers will start to relish their personal space in all key foreign airports. Token holders may be part of this plan. APOD tokens that's pre-sale hard cap.


  • Name: Airpod token
  • Symbol: APOD
  • Token value: $0.10
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Token issued: 250,000,000
  • Available in public token sale: up to 200,000,000


  • Start date: April 2018
  • End date: TBA
  • Token distribution date: Immediately after the crowdsale
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Softcap: $2,700.000.00
  • Hard Cap: $20,000,000.00


  • Crowdsale: 200.000.000 APOD (80%)
  • Founders Fund: 30.000.000 APOD (12%)
  • Supporters & Contractors Fund: 9.000.000 APOD (3.6%)
  • Bounty campaign – up to 5.000.000 (2%)
  • Advisers, Ambassadors - 3.000.000 APOD (1.2%)
  • Company reserve - liquidity pool: 2.000.000 APOD (0.8%)
  • AirDrop - 1.000.000 APOD (0.4%)


  • 61% Production and distribution
  • 17% Marketing
  • 15% Company operations
  • 5% DAPP Platform development
  • 2% Legal


More Information see below :

To learn more about the project visit the official website

The AirPod Bounty Campaign is now LIVE on Bountyhive.io

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