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The Abyss – Next Generation Game Platform

The Abyss produces a personal five-level referral program for each player, making earning some income a far simpler feat. It offers gamers the chance at payment through these games from in-game and social activities, through a complex multilevel referral system. It also features a cooking system. Therefore, The Abyss delivers a lot of characteristics that help developers to minimize costly advertising and marketing expenses. It offers lots of advantages for players as well.
The token is an important element of the platform and can end up being really valuable in the very long run. The tokens have an excellent importance since they are among the most important features dealing with interaction on the platform. As stated earlier, the token is named Abyss. Abyss tokens are what is utilized to make all kinds of payment, and a lot of the services on the platform rely only on the tokens. You are going to be able to get ABYSS tokens whenever the Token Sale (DAICO) starts.
As a way to deliver their products to a wide audience, developers have to maximize their marketing expenditures constantly. Thanks to The Abyss, they will reduce marketing costs and will also be able to get additional revenue from referral payments in other platform games. They are able to create games and grow the platform as well by pulling internet traffic to the site with the help of their ingenious new games. Developers who join the Abyss also have the chance to enjoy many excellent advantages that have the position.
Developers are beginning to increasingly compete with one another over marketing reach as opposed to the true item. Developers would earn the attention they deserve for a small percent of the value and gamers would have accessibility to a wide selection of superior entertainment. Game developers will have the ability to market their projects with maximum efficiency and make money not only from in-game payments but in addition from referrals and other pursuits. Internal CPA Network Game developers will be in a position to sell extra visitors to others, buy this, or even utilize a lead network.
The very first danger are the phishing sites. Both need to get merged to understand the complete potential that Cryptocurrencies and Token can bring in the gaming world. When used, it doesn't just makes sharing easy, but in addition provides a superior prospect for developers and players to earn money via using referrals'. The team isn't permitted to launch two parallel same-type polls. The Abyss team includes stellar lineup. The Abyss Team is aimed to alert the project's contributors of the majority of common dangers linked to token sales, that might result in the loss of digital funds.
Players may directly communicate with developers and supply their own services. They also enjoy a lot of incentives and get a worldwide access to numerous games in one place. The players and developers who are the very first to entice users to the platform will obtain the best benefit. All sorts of games are going to be on the platform. Because it is a phenomenal concept, most people who love games will want to take part in the ABYSS platform sooner or later. At the close of the game, players may use earned Grade to obtain bonuses for the next playthrough. Active players and bloggers will get extra earnings opportunities and will be in a position to obtain income in the ecosystem tokens.
Blockchain technology is actually offering immense opportunities in the gaming market. Aside from that, it is now promising to revolutionize the world of gaming. It really offers tremendous opportunities in the gaming industry. The gaming business is growing at an alarming pace. It is becoming more and more influential and richer every year. The business and the reserve tokens do not own a right to vote. 24-hour support service lowers the pure outflow of users.
A single kind of token will be used from the other side of the platform in wide array of applications. In addition, the platform also functions as an economic tool and can be employed by developers to lessen their advertising expenses. In any event, you still need to consider investing within this platform. The Abyss platform is a superb remedy to the above mentioned problem.
The platform provides a 24x7 customer service service to the developers. By connecting people, it helps them to share the same passion. Additionally, it supports bi-currencies. Therefore, you enjoy the abyss platforms!
Among the special features of the platform is dual currency choices, which lets users carry out in-game purchases easily. Advertising options are excessively costly and ineffective, should they exist whatsoever. Using the referral system will lessen the expenses of player acquisition when increasing player retention. At length, there's a simple to use search engine for adding friends by various different search parameters.


– Token sale: march 7 — april 7, 2018 (09:00 utc)
– price: 1 abyss = 0.24 usd.
– Accept: eth and bnb.
– Soft cap: 6m usd. If this goal is not met, all funds will be returned
– Maximum total token supply: 603.75 m. All unsold tokens will be burnt by smart contract
– Hard cap: + 40m usd
– Minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH
– Days 1–7 Maximum contribution is 10 ETH
– Days 8+ no ETH contribution limit

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