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PARKGENE - Peer to Peer Parking on Blockchain

Drivers waste a huge amount of time searching and not knowing where there's an available parking spot. The driver employs a GENE token to pay whoever owns the parking lot. Thus, drivers may use the services, along with evaluate all the benefits of high-quality support.

As anyone who drives in sizeable cities knows well, finding parking is oftentimes not simply a nightmare but, in the majority of cases, prohibitively expensive too. Where finding parking is really difficult. Being the very first parking booking service on the blockchain provides the company the traction to develop into the foremost parking booking platform on earth. In big cities where there's a good deal of traffic, the degree of air pollution are extremely significant.
Imagine always certain you will locate a parking spot. Drivers searching for a parking spot connect with parking owners throughout the PARKGENE app. It can be quite hard to discover decent parking spots, so this firm can certainly help you whenever you need to create your car safer and you don't wish to pay too much.
When you are not sure if a project is a scam, it is preferable to err on the side of caution. It turns out that the undertaking, for the large part social. The project is absolutely worth the investment. An additional thing I like about the project is that it's going to decrease air pollution.
Due to the thoughtfulness, the best structure of the platform, drivers will get invaluable parking experience. What a fantastic way to receive them interested in nature together with Canadaas art history. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss further on the matter like I surely would. If you think that, then you'd be wrong. The most important idea of the organization is to produce an internet platform which will work as a way to reunite drivers and owners of parking spots in order that they can offer safe and dependable parking sports for a price which will be cheaper than it's currently being offered. The deal was I had to stop by Rock Creek Park. Regardless, it's your decision.
To take part in the PRE-ICO Closed Round Token Sale you must qualify and get an invitation. To take part in the PRA-ICO Closed Round Token Sale you have to meet the requirements and accept the invitation. The GENE token was developed to cover parking. GENE tokens are utilised to cover this service. The GENE Token The GENE token is employed as a method of payment, to cover parking. It is frequently a red flag in the event the team behind an ICO doesn't have any named full-time developers. One of the absolute most obvious red flags for a scam project is the shortage of detail on the way in which the technology works.
The ease of the PARKGENE service may be illustrated by the next example. The Uber service is a choice case of this. To do that you may use the assistance of lots of crypto-exchange exchanges that work with the GENE token.
Everyone can join PARKGENE. PARKGENE will allow the parking industry to increase the standard of urban life by supplying innovative approaches, convenience, simplicity of use, and openness. PARKGENE is the initial ICO to utilize NetRoadShow communication platform. PARKGENE is the initial ICO to utilize NetRoadShow's communication platform.
Parking proprietors will definitely receive a minimum of 80% of the intelligent agreement profits in GENE symbols from the vault once the motorist checks from the garage. Parking owners are going to receive at least 80% of the sensible contract proceeds in GENE tokens from the depository as soon as the driver checks from the parking space. They then receive a minimum of 80% of the smart contract in GENE tokens from the depository when the driver checks out of the parking space. The person who owns the parking lot, then, receives an immediate notification. Many companies offering parking spaces charge an excessive amount of money from its clients, especially in urban places and metropolis, so the aim of this provider is to make an alternate alternative for drivers and give people that have unused parking space an opportunity to produce some money renting it for different users of the platform. Presently, it's one of the most used Bitcoin companies within the business.
The team is composed of over 30 developers. The team believes that PARKGENE, as time passes, will have the ability to give a valuable remedy to parking issues and congestion around the Earth, improving the parking industry by giving a viable alternate. PARKGENE's team have thought for the ideal approach to create parking easier for every person.

ICO Start date: 15 Jan 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT)

ICO End date: 19 Mar 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT)


Token Info

  • GENE Token Price: 0.1 USD
  • GENE Token: ERC-20 – 0x6dd4e4aad29a40edd6a409b9c1625186c9855b4d
  • Bonus depends on the contribution amount
  • Participation: Open to all
  • Minimum Participation: No minimum
  • ICORATING Audit: STABLE – Risk: LOW – Hype: HIGH
  • or until hardcap of 350,000,000 tokens sold
  • PRE-ICO: Sold Out at 20M Tokens.
  • USD Payments accepted: PayPal, Credit, Wire Transfer
  • Crypto Payments accepted: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC
  • Funds held in Escrow until the end of the ICO

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation




More Information see below :

To learn more about the project visit the official website

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