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MOSSLAND - Own your Landmark

Based on the sum of fund received from Pre-ICO, the difficult cap of the Main ICO is going to be modified. Clearly, there are various advantages to be had when one gives this platform an opportunity. The rise in the amount of property is dependent on the range of special visits.
Presently, the organization is the largest and the most promising Korean ICO. Currently it is the biggest and the most promising Korean ICO. A stable market may not be created with only a couple of dozen of superstar-startups. Who knows, perhaps an entirely different real estate market can be made by anyone. If you want to be an early investor and contributor for Mossland, you might need to take part in their ICO get the most out of the whitelist.
There's an answer, or rather an opportunity for other people to produce a terrific answer and help me out. You're able to tailor the package to fit your specific requirements but as standard we'll feed your horse every morning, Monday to Friday and you'll have full use of all our facilities. Everything has to be vetted. All this usually means that Mossland is in a distinctive place to beome the upcoming huge thing in Asia. Which will surely lead to the simple fact that there are going to be a fantastic demand for coins and its further growth. Augmented Reality bring a great deal of attractive service within this era. There's nothing ordinary or useless on earth.
Mossland's user experience takes an extremely fast transaction between players. The secret to success is in ensuring the larger selection of interesting thoughts and the great legal compliance. Videogame development can be costly. Ten decades later, many developers are attempting multiplayer gameplay without so much as collecting these internally, and of course sharing them along with the community.
Wait at the base of the monument for the other runners to get there. Inside this game, players identify real properties on earth and add them inside the game worldgiving different users the capacity to purchase and sell real world properties in the Mosslandvirtual world. In truth, it is nearly embarrassing to introduce this game. While many individuals are excited as we are to create a cell game that it is possible to own famous landmarks, we'll put all our effort in developing Mossland to offer unique experience to our users. The absolute most considerable portion of this mobile game, nevertheless, is its scalability. It's generated by gameplay and you are able to spend it with no supply control. Gamers could exchange, sell and get their AR properties within the game with the aid of Action House, an exceptional advertising option.
What an ideal hikers' abode. Property proprietors are going to have the capability to get Moss by offering properties they possess. Speaking about the character of the game, the renowned properties and landmarks will be objects people are eager to purchase and occupy once possible.
What happened in the last year. Click the Tournaments tab when you're planning your next event and see that which we have to offer you. With all remarkable features in this AR game app and its very best performance details had shown.
Our experienced and friendly staff will treat you as part of the family, not only a customer. The curriculum intends to fulfill the skills gap on the other side of the city. Funding might be used just for roadways. Everyone can run a vibrant and eye-catching advertising campaign, employing an easy interface given by the game. The worldwide launch for the entire platform is in 2019. You can take advantage of this platform to place places in real life. The Check-in idea of the game is quite straightforward.
Employing bait like shrimp bits, mussels or clams may also do the job very well on the exact same setup. Drinking water is simply available at the overnight stops so be certain to fill up prior to venturing out. Entering unchartered waters required a terrific deal of courage and commitment. It's a huge shock, she's very well considered in this region and well-known, she's a neighborhood girl.
The best choice of the way to boost reality is ours alone. Therefore, some important decisions in my personal life were made dependent on the insight I learned from this book. This procedure necessarily requires trade-offs, and inevitably contributes to adjustments. This system needs a fast, dependable connection between players to earn sure any transaction, like a sale, is secure and fast. At length, users can trade their properties to make money. They will be able to identify nearby virtual properties and then buy, sell or trade them, using various methods to try and increase the value. You may also draw more visitors to your own world with the addition of numerous accessories to the digital objects you make and sell them to them.

ICO Start date: Mar.21,2018

ICO End date: Apr.17,2018


Token Info

  • Name: Moss Coin
  • Symbol: MOC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total issue: 500,000,000 MOC
  • Price: 1 MOC = 0.12 USD

Details Pre-ICO

Pre ICO bonus

Details main ICO

Main ICO Bonus

Token Distribution




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To learn more about the project visit the official website

The Mossland Bounty Campaign is now LIVE on Bountyhive.io

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