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KORA – Infrastructure for inclusive financial systems

Financial services are fundamental to someone’s capacity to control and grow their wealth and increase their livelihood. Through registering as a member, an individual will have the ability to access sustainable services particularly those who have low income since they are the ones usually restricted by the computer system. Kora network is a financial project that’s targeted at bringing the decrease class people into the financial economy by supplying an all inclusive financial platform whereby no matter the degree of somebody’s status, you find it possible to acquire access to financial services. Put simply, it’s a network of people, funds and capital that intends to create financial systems for everybody.
Most Africans like to work with Credit Unions instead of standard banks. I am guilty of sharing some of them. Similarly across the African continent, there’s a similar feeling to the banking system. A lot of people get into trouble by taking loans with interest rates that cannot be paid. Before moving into the qualities of the Kora, it is critical to understand current troubles. The only requirement is that an individual wants a simple phone.
The introduction of the emission procedure and the token creation is going to be organized around the Network public blockchain. The platform will give a network whereby potential investors, stakeholders, those in desperate need of funds will have the ability to interact and execute any transactions while exchanging knowledge. It’s none aside from the Kora platform.
The recent solutions aren’t working. Core software is going to be run on the decentralized stack, and everyone can customize this program. The technology is quite a rapid change and new innovations are emerging daily. You don’t even need to comprehend what technology is and the way it works. It was made to be easy and effective while being backed through an impeccable technology. It’s a system which deploys a consensus algorithm allowing it to operate with scalability when operating in a decentralized method. But due to the blockchain technology, individuals may no longer have to have smart devices or connect to the web for money services.
Some people around the world can’t purchase a smartphone, and they’re unable to access to education technology or finance. Without access to financial services, many people around the world are living beneath the poverty line. Due to these participants, the crypto money marketplace will expand. Folks of poor economy discover that it’s really hard to send money from countries such as London to low-income nations. Decentralizing governance is a complicated endeavor and area of active research. In the end, empowerment is going to be solved, and wealth is going to be distributed among economically unstable areas of the world. They’re also prepared to aid those who have limited financial literacy.
You don’t require a sophisticated comprehension of technology or finance. Crypto parallax trust is the largest factor in the progression of this system. But a fantastic comprehension of blockchain and with costly online access is needed to access such blockchain services. They believe their platform has the capability to redefine the manner ticket sales are done, in order to make sure loyal fans who look forward to big events aren’t left high and dry. They provide immense advantages of digital currency. Existing communities must be addressed through Kora to assist them with financial help. It’s the project that seeks to supply access to financial services to those who don’t reside in areas that have easy accessibility to financial institutions.
Holding KNT equates to getting a partial part in the Kora Network. KNT is going to be employed to secure and manage the expense of accessing the Kora Network. Kora makes it simple for farmers to get their payments. Kora will also be in possession of a native crypto-currency called the Kora Network Token (KNT). The Kora will offer a Smartphone in addition to a web-based application. Kora will also offer a smartphone and web-based application. The easy method is to get Kora.
Community Engagement Empower current communities rather than disrupting them. Members are ensured early accessibility to the Pre-Sale. Though using the TicketChain platform, artists will be given a small sum of money on the secondary sector.
Farmers will be among the crucial users of Kora. Regardless of the several improvements in the financial industry, Banks are trying to get to the rural areas in most sections of Africa. They have failed to solve this issue. A number of the issues which people face when opening accounts are distance, documentation problems, and the absence of trust. Thus, they have to hold stable bank accounts. This is a huge bonus, as bots usually wind up purchasing a large number of tickets, which are then resold at much higher prices. This token will be utilized in operations to secure and handle the price of access to the Kora Network.

Feb 24th 12 pm UTC – March 1st 12 pm UTC: ID Verification for all Whitelist members.
March 2nd 12 pm UTC: Whitelist members can contribute to Pre-Sale.
March 5th 12 pm UTC: Pre-Sale open to everyone with a $5000 minimum contribution.
March 25th 12 pm UTC: Pre-Sale closes.
March 26th 12 pm UTC: Public Sale open to everyone with no minimum contribution.


Token info

  • Ticker: KNT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Available for sale: 339,753,302 KNT
  • Price: 1 KNT = 0.10 USD
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Hard cap: 24000000


  • Token Sale 45 % (339,753,302) : Sold to raise funds and increase liquidity of KNT.
  • Reserved for growth 20 % (151,001,468) : Locked up for a minimum of one year and released as necessary. Used for establishing partnerships, onboarding users, and expansion into new markets
  • Reserved for R&D 20 % (151,001,468) : Locked up for minimum of two years and released as necessary. Used to develop protocol and shared infrastructure
  • Team 15 % (113,251,101) : Team Token Grants that will be locked up in a two year vesting period with a 6 month cliff.

Use of Funds

  • Research & Development 50% : Research, development, and maintenance of the Kora Network and any software deployed in the Network. Will be distributed to various development groups and individuals.
  • Network Growth 30 % : Onboarding users onto the Network, maintaining a positive user experience, compliance with various government regulations and other tasks needed to grow the Network. Will be distributed directly to Providers.
  • Kora Accelerator 10 % : Primarily for seed funding of startups that build value-add applications on the Kora Network. Will be distributed directly to startups in exchange for equity.
  • Social Impact Investment 5 % : Used for funding of social impact projects that help build out the Kora Ecosystem.
  • Legal & Token Sale Marketing 5 % : To cover costs of forming the optimal legal structure for the Token Sale, for marketing the Token Sale, and the final Token Sale audit.





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