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Technical features of the HOQU platform

Actually, the interaction between members of the HOQU ecosystem is maintained through ethereum blockchain solution. Basic platform functionality is implemented through smart contract whose source code is available on GitHub. The HOQU platform will have a set of decentralized application, one of them can easily helps add offers and leads, as well as create custom affiliate networks from scratch with all the benefits offered by the platform. HOQU will have many preinstalled modules, as well as a feature enabling the creation of custom modules.

Within an advertiser’s decentralized web application, an advertiser has the opportunity to create their own affiliate program. They can register and setting the rules for and the amount of an affiliate’s rewards. The rewards amounts are determined in HOQU platform tokens (HQX). The rewards can have a fixed value or it may be calculated as percentage of the value of an attracted lead. The value of the lead will be calculated in HQX tokens at the internal exchange rate current at the moment the lead was created on the HOQU website.

You can create affiliate program directly by using your personal account or by affiliate network on behalf of the advertiser as usual if you have advertiser account. During the event, all of activity was belongs to affiliate network in which the data is stored in the network database, and the advertiser is the nominal owner.

After creating the affiliate program, you can access the data which located in the advertiser’s relational database or affiliate network. To access the data in this database, you can use an API whose logon credentials are also stored on the blockchain along with affiliate program data. in order to access the data, you should working with an affiliate network or when an affiliate program has a private status because users need a private API key.

To start working with affiliate network, the affiliate should be a member. Due to the reason, they must meet the condition of participation such as territory, reputation, etc and apply through the public API of the affiliate network to obtain a private API key to access the affiliate network data. All of the process was approved by affiliate network and API. If those programs approved, the collaboration will be recorded by affiliate network on blockchain trough appropriate smart contract method.

In order to avoid mass registration of empty affiliates, the affiliate network has its way by given different auto-rejection criteria for submitted applications or manual confirmation of application from the affiliate network administrator’s office.

After register on affiliate program, then you should register on lead. This platform uses special services known as trackers. It is has its own ethereum address, a relational data base, and special software registering different types of transaction. Anyone who wants to register their tracker can do this by determining a special smart contract method, specifying the type of lead to be accepted, as well as access credential to the public API of the tracker.

The process is the lead registered on the blockchain by determining the special tracker smart contract method, which first check for the links between the affiliate and the affiliate program, then adds the metadata to the blockchain. Moreover, the lead approval event is scheduled. If it is stipulated by the terms of the affiliate program that determines this smart contract method, which charges tokens to the address of advertiser, and ensure all interested parties are paid.  In the event of successful sale, the advertiser receive full access key to the data, affiliate and affiliate network have a restricted access key. On the blockchain stored, it only store the header of the leads, the party identifiers and the public tracker API credential which give access to the body of lead. 


Token : HQX
Total Emission : 888,888,000 HQX
Total amound to be sold : 65% of total token issuance or 577,777,200 HQX
* 4% Private-Sale of the tokens sold or 23,111,088 HQX
* 6% Pre-Sale of sold tokens or 34,666,632 HQX
* 22% Main sale of the tokens sold or 137,777,640 HQX
Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin(BTC,Litcoin(LTC)
Hard Cap : 32,790 ETH


Pre-Sale Dates : 13.11.2017 - 20.11.2017
Sale Volume of Pre-Sale: 57,777,720 HQX
Hard cap at pre-sale : 7,263 ETH
Pre-sale price : 1 ETH = 7,000 HQX (bonus included)
Minimum buying transaction : 0.1 ETH
maximum buying transaction : unlimited
Bonuses : The bonus is 40% of the price in the main sale

Main Sale

Main sale : 27.11.2017 - 26.02.2017
Sales Volume on Main Sale : 137,777,640 HQX
Hard cap on Main Sale: 25,527 ETH
Price on Main Sale: 1 HQX = 0.0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5,000 HQX
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETHMaximum Buying Transaction: Unlimited

Bonus system during the Main Sale period


Sale Round 2: Q2-Q3 2018
Sales Volume on Sale Round 2: 382,221,840 HQX 
Hard cap on Sale Round 2: TBA
Price on Sale Round 2: TBA
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Buying Transaction: Unlimited



More Information see below : 
To learn more about the project visit the official website

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