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Covesting : Copy - Trading Platform

The platform intends to bring ordinary investors who don’t have enough time or knowledge to put money into cryptocurrencies, facilitating the capability to invest intelligently in a developing new sector. It will also enable the investors to evaluate the traders’ performance on a real time basis and be in total control of their funds. The revolutionary platform intends to tackle problems that each and every inexperienced investor faces lack of wisdom and experience needed to gain from quickly developing crypto markets. The Covesting platform also enables users to access real-time data of their portfolio in addition to past trading history.
The market might be a costly teacher. Subject to a large deal of volatility, the cryptocurrency market needs a keen awareness of timing and inherent comprehension of prospective risks as a way to locate a very good opportunity for profits. The marketplace is so intricate and volatile that one person or approach cannot claim they are experts. With just a little fraction of 1% of earth currently invested in cryptocurrencies, there’s a big untapped market of investors who’d really like to discover a way to make the most of the huge opportunity which exists.
Even more attractive than the fact traders are going to be able to use one terminal to trade on several distinct exchanges, is the platform’s capability to choose the ideal price from many exchanges. Model traders will have the ability to make success fees of 18% of all the profits that are earned by their followers. If a trader makes the decision to quit employing the platform then all the funds will be returned to investors. The absolute most prosperous traders can begin to construct a portfolio of new investors who will willingly subscribe to their trades. Because of this issue, many private traders continue to trade by themselves with limited preliminary capital. At present, professional cryptocurrency traders aren’t accessible to investors.
Copy trading is virtually as simple as it sounds. Copy trading is practically as easy as it sounds. Crypto currency trading occurs in a lot of exchanges, all which have various rules. Traders are going to be able to find the amount of folks that are following their trading but not the sum of capital. Crypto currency traders aren’t an exception.
Investors are going to be able to copy their transactions and create profit without a lot of effort. At the exact same time, every investor can make the most of the combined wisdom and experience of traders as a way to capitalize in crypto currency marketplace. The more investors are copying their trades the more extra profit they’ll get, so it’s a win-win situation for each side. Most potential investors become lost at this phase.
Investors are encouraged to invest early to acquire the best rate. Covesting takes the standard notion to the next iteration by allowing investors to totally automate the approach. Inside this platfrom the investors will readily select the traders in keeping with the strategy and degree of their trading abilities. Many possible investors are also concerned about the security of the stock, even a number of the biggest exchanges face problems before, like a well-documented hack. They are also worried about the security of the stock, even some of the biggest exchanges face problems in the past, such as a well-documented hackGGG.
On the reverse side, decent profit can be produced in the crypto market if you see what you are doing and if you have enough time to monitor all related news and spot all trading opportunities. With the maturation of today’s cryptocurrency world, plenty of people are racing to find a very good profit for themselves, they have got an interest to try and invest in one of these cryptocurrencies. On the flip side, amazing profit can be created in the crypto market if you understand what you are doing and if you have sufficient time to monitor all related news and spot all trading opportunities.
Started in 2017, the organization plans to be the frontrunner when it has to do with peer-to-peer asset administration. To put it differently, the service supplied by the platform is in demand. A couple of the best services provided by the COVESTING platform are mentioned below.
The advantages of Copy Trading The very first advantage is the chance to learn from people who have a proven history. The third advantage of copy trading is there is a trading tool which lessens the need to continually monitor your portfolio. The second huge advantage of copy trading is the fact that it allows for rapid diversification with exposure to a broad range of assets.
Once you locate the strategy or strategy you wish to follow, just click Subscribe. You don’t need to lock yourself into a single strategy. Deciding on a prosperous investment strategy lets you continue to your everyday activities, though a professional earns you money each and every day.


The public ICO will be held on the website starting on November 24th.
The token sale will last for 30 days.
Covesting aims to accept up to 100,000 ETH from our initial token contributors. The COV smart contract will stop accepting commitments when the 100,000 hard cap has been reached.
It is possible to take part in ICO only with Ether (ETH).
Below is a table representing each COV price increase depending on total number of ETH committed during ICO.

All proceeds from the token sale will fund the product launch, continued platform development, and user acquisition:
• 40% Development team with approximately 15–20 engineers. Platform development, new features, data-testing for HFT operations, mobile app development etc.
• 25% — Marketing expenses, PR and Customer Acquisition, presentations and region-specific roadshows. Digital currency trading exhibitions participations etc.
• 15% Strategic partnerships. Substantial costs largely associated with b2b API integration from multiple partners-exchanges. Latency optimization.
• 12% Operational spends, employees (excl. developers), office etc.
• 5% Legal, compliance fees
• 3% Owners and developer’s bonus




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To learn more about the project visit the official website official website

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