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ICO HOQU Fundamentals Explained

ICO HOQU Fundamentals Explained

If accepted, the collaboration is going to be recorded by the affiliate network on blockchain during the suitable smart contract technique. If you own a crypto undertaking, and are going to begin an ICO, HOQU and its tokens would be well suited for you. If we've got a crypto undertaking, and are going to begin an ICO, HOQU and a tokens would be well suited for you. After the affiliate program is made, its header data are put on the blockchain. Uberfied applications in this way do plenty of cool things. These sorts of Uberfied applications do a good deal of cold things. They do a lot of cool things.
In HOQU's network, modules aren't centralized and a compromise of one module isn't going to disrupt the whole network. This is the sole system you can earn money without sponsoring or selling anything. There are methods to do it all on your own, and there are even platforms out there which will provide help. For lead registration, the platform utilizes special services referred to as trackers.

ICO HOQU - the Story

Affiliates are broken up into three tiers, dependent on how much information they've provided to prove their identity. For instance, an affiliate could very well manufacturer results by producing multiple email addresses from the exact same account. And the affiliate receives the fee insured by the bright contract. Within the subsequent five decades, most marketing is forecast to move online. Online marketing is fast turning into a multi-hundred-billion dollar market.
Trackers have permission to figure out the way of including a lead in the intelligent contract. Anyone who would like to register their tracker can accomplish this by determining a unique smart contract method, specifying the sort of lead to be accepted, in addition to access credentials to the public API of the tracker. To make your own affiliate program, you may use the HOQU API to integrate in the platform. For making your own affiliate plan, you can utilize the HOQU API to integrate in the platform.
HOQU permits merchants to produce their own affiliate programs and networks. HOQU is constructed to eliminate fraud, too. HOQU is more than only a platform, it's an ecosystem designed to allow the launch of decentralized, blockchain-based advertising platforms. HOQU is a forthcoming ICO that's trying to enhance the affiliate advertising sector. Given the deficiency of competitors on the industry, HOQU has already gained a substantial benefit. For merchants, Hoqu supplies a large variety of effective professional marketers and low commission and a potent anti-fraud system. HOQU is the very first blockchain-based affiliate platform on earth!
The important exchanges have already started to demonstrate interest in the token. Whenever your account is ready, everything becomes even simpler. It's possible to create your FREE Account By visiting this website. This makes it simple for merchants to work with many distinctive affiliates, raising their freedom to market in whichever way they see fit.
The industry is increasing at an unprecedented level, and it has changed a good deal over the past few decades. 1 industry that's strangely neglected by the ICO ecosystem, nevertheless, is the advertising market. However, it's an industry that's also in desperate need of reform. The internet affiliate marketing industry is just one of the most lucrative internet marketing sectors, but is currently controlled by a few centralized platforms which make it difficult for newer players to access the advantages provided by internet affiliate marketing. All folks are public and famous in the marketplace. Despite how the CPA market is extremely competitive and well-established, nothing extraordinary happened within this marketplace, working model stays the exact same for quite a while. Demand is already there for a means to eliminate fraud within this 335-billion-dollar industry.
You would find it possible to divert your advertising budget to be utilized to reward affiliates for advertising your project on the HOQU platform. It is also feasible to repair the price of a lead to any fiat currency. The token's value is certain to grow as an outcome. Additionally, you can be certain that the affiliates share your crypto values. In addition, you can make certain that the affiliates share your crypto values.
You're speaking about something rivalrous at the conclusion of the day, O'Sullivan explained. Advertisers themselves have been known to take part in a variety of manipulative accounting methods to minimise the commission they are anticipated to pay to their affiliate partners. The purpose of the project is to produce a decentralized ecosystem, which will be utilized to build CPA services, that range from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and associated products. The goal of the project is to make a decentralized ecosystem which will be employed to build CPA services, which range from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and relevant products. We believe this approach stand a great opportunity to switch the market of CPA-services. The HOQU team is in the procedure for initiating an important advertising campaign. They wish to be the primary guy.


Token : HQX
Total Emission : 888,888,000 HQX
Total amound to be sold : 65% of total token issuance or 577,777,200 HQX
* 4% Private-Sale of the tokens sold or 23,111,088 HQX
* 6% Pre-Sale of sold tokens or 34,666,632 HQX
* 22% Main sale of the tokens sold or 137,777,640 HQX
Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin(BTC,Litcoin(LTC)
Hard Cap : 32,790 ETH


Pre-Sale Dates : 13.11.2017 - 20.11.2017
Sale Volume of Pre-Sale: 57,777,720 HQX
Hard cap at pre-sale : 7,263 ETH
Pre-sale price : 1 ETH = 7,000 HQX (bonus included)
Minimum buying transaction : 0.1 ETH
maximum buying transaction : unlimited
Bonuses : The bonus is 40% of the price in the main sale

Main Sale

Main sale : 27.11.2017 - 26.02.2017
Sales Volume on Main Sale : 137,777,640 HQX
Hard cap on Main Sale: 25,527 ETH
Price on Main Sale: 1 HQX = 0.0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5,000 HQX
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETHMaximum Buying Transaction: Unlimited

Bonus system during the Main Sale period


Sale Round 2: Q2-Q3 2018
Sales Volume on Sale Round 2: 382,221,840 HQX 
Hard cap on Sale Round 2: TBA
Price on Sale Round 2: TBA
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Buying Transaction: Unlimited



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