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HOQU - Overview and Benefits

In this modern day, the use of internet keeps on increasing each year. This condition is changing the way we live in various ways, including commerce. A lot of businesses are changing their way to online businesses and due to this condition, the industry of digital marketing is developing rapidly, up to 20 percent yearly. By 2020, online marketing industry is assumed to have a value of 335 billion dollar. One among the key branches of online marketing that is heavily affected by this condition is affiliate marketing. Within this branch, the main job of an affiliate is to promote products. This affiliate will be paid based on the results of the promotion. The results can be based on sales or other types of metric.

Affiliate marketing conventionally needs the assistance of an organization or individual that works as the third party and define the campaign’s effectiveness. This third party is called a broker. Unfortunately, this model is prone to fraud. There are many times where merchants lose their budgets for advertising to unreliable brokers up to 45 percent. To solve this issue, the founders of HOQU have developed a place, or a platform, which uses smart contracts to associate affiliates and merchants directly. This platform is an ecosystem, which is designed to allow the release of blockchain-based and decentralized marketing platforms. By doing so, it reduces the costs, improves transparency, and increase productivity within online marketing.

HOQU is a platform that is established to escort the future generation of marketing. This platform is the first online decentralized system for affiliate marketing. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, this platform will ensures fair pay to affiliates and guarantee cost-effective advertising budget. This platform benefits many parties form various ways, and you can read those benefits on the following list below:

·     Affiliate networks: one among the main obstacles that is often faced by affiliate networks is the huge costs related to the use of marketing platforms. This condition only happens if these affiliate networks are able to gain the privilege of high fees by overcoming the high entry barriers of traditional platforms. With HOQU, affiliate networks can enjoy using the platform for free and the signing up process is very easy.

·      Affiliates: every affiliate works hard. Thus their hard work deserves an adequate reward. For an affiliate, you probably do not have extra time to always be aware of unclear deals on traditional marketing platforms or for postponed payouts. This platform provides protection via its evident smart contracts that are designed to create the best deal for both the merchant and the affiliate.

·       Merchants: the team of HOQU understand the merchants concern regarding the cost-effectiveness of their marketing budget. However, in conventional marketing methods, only 55 percent of the marketing budget of the merchant is used to fulfill its designated goals. This amount of money is a huge loss for your business, especially if it is a small or new business. By deleting the third party, this platform gives the merchants an efficient model marketing and helps them save more money. This platform also understands how the trust for affiliate networks and affiliate is not an easy thing to earn. Thus, HOQU develops blockchain technology. By using this technology, fraud is almost impossible to happen within this platform. The nature of decentralization also means that a compromised machine will not affect the security of the remaining network. Merchants are able to access every data from various networks from their accounts. This system makes it easier for merchants to connect with various affiliates and increase their freedom to advertise in the way they consider it fits. 


Token : HQX
Total Emission : 888,888,000 HQX
Total amound to be sold : 65% of total token issuance or 577,777,200 HQX
* 4% Private-Sale of the tokens sold or 23,111,088 HQX
* 6% Pre-Sale of sold tokens or 34,666,632 HQX
* 22% Main sale of the tokens sold or 137,777,640 HQX
Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin(BTC,Litcoin(LTC)
Hard Cap : 32,790 ETH


Pre-Sale Dates : 13.11.2017 - 20.11.2017
Sale Volume of Pre-Sale: 57,777,720 HQX
Hard cap at pre-sale : 7,263 ETH
Pre-sale price : 1 ETH = 7,000 HQX (bonus included)
Minimum buying transaction : 0.1 ETH
maximum buying transaction : unlimited
Bonuses : The bonus is 40% of the price in the main sale

Main Sale

Main sale : 27.11.2017 - 26.02.2017
Sales Volume on Main Sale : 137,777,640 HQX
Hard cap on Main Sale: 25,527 ETH
Price on Main Sale: 1 HQX = 0.0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5,000 HQX
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETHMaximum Buying Transaction: Unlimited

Bonus system during the Main Sale period


Sale Round 2: Q2-Q3 2018
Sales Volume on Sale Round 2: 382,221,840 HQX 
Hard cap on Sale Round 2: TBA
Price on Sale Round 2: TBA
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Buying Transaction: Unlimited



More Information see below : 
To learn more about the project visit the official website

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