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Crypterium Future Trajectories

This article is about crypterium future trajectories, solution for businesses in cryptobank. Discussing about crypterium future trajectories, it is a part of the fast-growing ecosystem, which constantly develops innovative solutions for users of cryptocurrencies to make their transaction easier and more efficient. The following products are now in the development and are intended to be available for the use of CRPT tokenholders in the future.
Mobile Cryptobank 2.0
As we know that cryptowallet is one of mobile cryptobank 2.0. All of crypto assets and currencies are contained in digital smart contract wallets. It helps the customer to move money out of their wallets and into crypterium. The activity uses smart contract wallet technology. During the process, crypterium will simply debit the appropriate amount from the wallets in the represented way which identified by the payment protocols. It also displays the remaining balances to the customer within the crypterium mobile banking app. This process is transparent between both of them. This process also facilitates the customer to see their crypto assets in one place. Besides, the assets are in different wallet, but the customers can order or mix their assets as what their desire. Nevertheless, the access to such assets has limit. It caused by maximum freedom with ultimate security.
Furthermore, cryptowallet was dividing into cyrpteriumSX (smart eXchange). As we know, that crypterium’s technology platform is based on algorithms. Due to the condition, it aimed to ensure the most efficient platform in order to be a line in crypto-exchange process. During the process, the data’s transactions are stored in a dedicated data-warehouse. The process is continuously, the data is analyses by enhance risk management in order to identify predictive behaviors. Moreover, it enables crypterium to advance the cryptocurrency exchange process and educate the customer on possible payment strategies.

To make it simple you can see the picture above, the important point is that different payment mixes depending to the current cryptocurrencies valuations. But, it does not have effect for the transaction; it is only to ensure that the customer gets the best deal in their cryptocurrencies exchange transactions.
Crypterium Cryptobank Functionality
This provide standard everyday services, such as buy and sell all of cryptocurrencies and tokens, doing international transfer to any blockchain wallet’s account, conversion and exchange between crypto assets, direct payment for services, automatic direct debit payments, transaction history data, fiat currency transactions. It also has additional launch services, for instance multi-currency transactions, photo-payments, QR payment for crypterium infrastructure users. Moreover, future planning also conducted by this, such as traditional banking services, peer to peer crypto and fiat currency transfer, interest earning crypto deposits, banking statement, and salary accounts.
Cryptobank for Businnes: QR Code Payments
Due to facilitate the payment of crypterium transaction, the crypterium mobile banking app will process the payment by using digital contactless payment technology through supporting POS terminals. It will utilise the vast resources of the world’s biggest payment providers. Nevertheless, there is a country which unsupported with this type of payment, for example, Delhi. In this country, you will not find many street traders that have a contactless visa terminal. Due to the problems, the company still works hard in building alternative contactless payment solution for business.
As a universal solution, crypterium has the ability to replace expensive and restricted POS contactless terminals, or simply act as an alternative to those terminals when the merchant cannot access the platform or prefer an enhanced experience. The user should install a special crypterium app om their mobile devise to receive cryptopayments. It aimed to produces QR payment codes which contains all off the essential payment details. Using their crypterium mobile banking, it facilitates the user do transaction, users only scan the QR code and the payments are processed practically and instantaneously.
QR code payment has become the overriding leader in many countries. One of country is China. This country uses QR payment solution. Using application such as Alipay and WeChat, and has support of crypterium, such mass adoption could easily be extended to cryptocurrencies, for any merchant, anywhere in the world. They only need an internet connection.
Cryptobank for Businnes: Crypterium E-Commerce and Automated Service Solutions
Cryoterium developed API enables any internet store to display a QR code, therefore crypterium mobile banking customer could scan that code and make payment using cryptocurrencies in the same way as they could any contactless payment point. Using the QR code, it easily processing the transaction for checkout by filling in essential payment information such as delivery address, contact phone number etc. the process is all done instantaneously, and the cost is cheaper than today. Not only that, there is also offline transaction such as to pay a parking permit or paying for petrol without leaving the car.
Crypterium Open Platform
In the advance era, crypterium will require a much wider development community than just a few leading cryptobanks. Due to the reason, crypterium provides an open platform that enables companies to build their product using API. There are following products that will be created by crypterium API.
Furthermore, the diagram above shows the range of modules that will be available for developers

Crypterium Corporate Vision
Corporate Culture. Not less that 50% of all available resources are distributed for scaling and increase of userbase, the trajectory led the company to be success most of time. no more that 15% of resources is intended to be used to maintain current operational activities including wages of management.
Product Development. It is naturally affected by the corporate vision. There are the objectives of the project:
- Crypterium cryptocurrency wallet with fiat settlements — it plans to provide innovative technological solutions. The plans are to spend on the development in the direction at least 9 500 ETH in the nearest 2 years.
- Crypterium mobile bank 2.0 should be the one the best payment solution in the industry. It also partnership with banks or financial institutions in every region of financial activities. Where, it aims to guarantee stability and security of settlements. The estimation around 14 500 ETH.
- Crypterium own payment infrastructure which will cover at least 25 000 POS and online stores around the world. it will spend at least around 50 000 ETH on building all the solutions and expanding the minimal infrastructure.
- Creating universal openAPI for the company’s products. It expect to spend at least 29 000 ETH.
The advantages of crypterium ecosystem
There are some advantages of crypterium comparing with market standard and individual companies, such as:
- Wide range of cryptocurrencies and digital assets
- It has standard compatibility with existing payment systems and developing its own settlements infrastructure
- Loyalty cash-back program
- Ability to use tokens of any completed audited ICO, where those tokens are traded on public exchange
- Payment calculation within third party mobile payment services
- Open platform for the build of third party solutions, including white label (full openAPI)

Token Sale Details

Extra bonuses allocation

Token distribution

  • 70% Total ICO distribution to the community
  • 15% Tokens allocated for marketing and loyalty purposes
  • 9% Reserved for the founders and management of the ICO
  • 3% Reserved for ICO partner advisers
  • 3% Reserved for marketing campaign team

Road Map

More information see below:

To learn more about the projects visit the official website

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