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Worldcore - The best solution of financial future

Worldcore is the best solution of financial future. Nowadays, in the world there are many financial institutions. Yet, as the customer, you should be careful in choosing one of them. Cause, the right financial institution predetermined the success of the whole business. Therefore, worldcore is the best option of financial tomorrow. It offers many profits and maintains the customer with good serving. Worldcore will provide the world-class payment solution for both individuals and corporate customers.
Target audiences of Worldcore
Being a new name of the financial tomorrow, it combines with best feature of a bank, online payment system and card payment gateway. In order to introduce this in the world, the company has target audiences those are freelancer, big companies, fundraisers, online shops and retailers, online marketplace, individuals, and small business. Moreover, the company also provides platforms to make it easier in doing transaction. Becoming innovative company is not easy. the company should provide a good way to introduce worldcore app mobile. In order to understand being successful app, worldcore must keep a finger on the pulse, and offers its customers a full range in any situation and condition.
Worldcore Platforms
Discussing the platforms of worldcore, this divides into some of appearances. In mobile phone, the appearances of worldcore app mobile look like a desktop, it offers some advantages such as view balances and statement, make instant transfer within the system, send and receive bank transfer, order plastic and virtual cards, cryptocurrency funding, etc. Not only that, the application also offers four different access option, such as voicekey, facekey, fingerprints, access with password. The appearance as follows,
The way of worldcore generate the profits
Worldcore is popular application in Europe. It is one of the most technology-intensive and trusted payment processors. Before launce, this application already tested, and it is almost done. It will release on the end of October. If we are talking about the profit of worldcore, there are many profit of it. Such as currency exchange services, recharge mobile phone in over 170 countries, international money transfer, cryptocurrency transfers to deposit into worldcore account, bank transfer, plastic virtual cards. The profit of it was business development stimulator. It tries to make the customers comfortable by using application and also understand what they are paying for.
This is an event that held by worldcore to raise funds for its further development and accelerated growth. It occurs through selling WRC tokens to the investors. After ICO is completed, the token will become available for public trading which has price higher than ICO price with active growth based statistics and completed steps. According to ICO in worldcore, token is a smart contract that entitles its owner to receive profit from worldcore. It will increase WRC token price, therefore it will interest other traders who want to buy those tokens. This token will storage in decentralized blockchain registry and cannot be modified by anybody. Furthermore, the holders will accept 30% of company profit. If there is a investor who owning the tokens valued at over USD 50,000, they have access to special investors’ area of worldcore.
Key points of upcoming ICO
The presale will held on 2nd October, 2017 and the crowdsale on 14th October, 2017. Symbol is WRC. The token price is 0.10 USD. Total supply is 1 billion tokens. The revenue share is 30% of annual profit. You can pay on March 31 of each year. All unsold tokens will be destroyed.
Trading Worldcore tokens and profit on them
As we know that tokens are the perfect way to participate in company’s growth. In worldcore, the profit of token is 30% in particular and it will be transferred to token holder. New era will come further, the use of tokens will useful in market place. Sometimes, doing transaction using money is slow, but now you can think about trading. People will earn billions from stock trading, at the beginning of the 20th century. In the next, you can earn billion from token trading in 21st century. After ICO, the tokens will be traded on cryptocurrency exchange. You, as the holder can offer it or trade your tokens at the market rate to fix a profit.
In brief, worldcore is the best application to manage your financial in future. It provides many advantages for the token holder. If you are one of people who don’t like doing transaction using money because it is slow, you can choose worldcore as trading. You only using worldcore app mobile, and all of transaction will be processed by the server. In case you hava cryptocurrency account, and worldcore wallet. As the holders, you can participate in ICO sale. Choosing the right financial future will be predetermined the successful whole business.

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