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Micromoney - Bring new crypto economy for unbanked people around the world

Considering to financial issues, there is a solution for some people who unbanked their money. In the world, people may loan money from their neighbors, friends and banks. Yet, sometime bank gives difficulties rules for loan the money. Besides, as people worldwide lack access to basic financial services, they have limited capacity to overcome poverty and to increase their living standards. That indicates a lack of access to both banking services and access to all other services and opportunities. Without credit history client cannot access to banking services, means there is no loans.
Moreover, the larger percentage of unbanked individuals is in Asia-Pasific Region. Nowadays, half of the world is internet users; there is 54% of the world’s social media users and 56% of all mobile social media users. It proves that although most of Asian people may be unbanked, digital services and innovative solution have improved people live. The position of this company here is to help bring all the people to the new global crypto economy.
To solve the problem, the company use MicroMoney. It is professional’s team which has experience in emerging market. The potential client are 2 billion of unbanked people who are run on cash-only households, no credit history, no debts and widely use smartphones and facebook. They are called “blue collars” and “white collar”, and SMEs. Their monthly income is around $200–500. According to this, it will build a new customer and the goal of the company is bring them to the new crypto economy. 
In order to improve the lives of over 2 billion people, the company will do:
Build and Open Source Credit Bureau on Blockchain. It will provide loans through smart contracts, transparent and reliable credit history. There is must be access between the company and customers, therefore it offering the company to do the best service as possible.
Providing Big Data for Businesses. The product represents a digital financial identity encrypted on the Blockchain and Big Data gathered from borrowers’ smartphones. Nowadays, this company becomes Fintech company which working towards the goal of global financial inclusion.

Expanding worldwide. The company already identified 100 most populated countries with billion of unbanked and a huge demand for our main solutions. The idea if from McDonald’s and completely standardized and packed the business processes in company CRM system.
MicroMoney Missions
The company also has its mission, as follows:
- Solving hunger and poverty by providing unbanked people with the access to financial services and a possibility to build their first credit history on blockchain.
- helping unbanked small entrepreneurs grow their businesses by offering them online loans.
- creating an extensive micro-financing ecosystem by providing our franchise to local partners.
Due to that problem, MicroMoney was established as company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry. How does micromeny work? MicroMoney will help people in order to provide online loans without any collateral equipment. This prefers financial needs of people in the world. By using mobile app of this company, people will easy getting the money. They are just filling in the application form. Furthermore, the company will approve the loan only in 15 second then the customer will get the fund in 1 hour.
As a simple application which using smart contract on blockchain technology, micromoney helps people around the world from poverty. Easier transaction between the company and client, and fast respond of online loans make micromoney as best solution in money lending industry.
More information see below:
To learn more about the projects visit the official website
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