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Electroneum - The simple cryptocurrency mobile mining app

Electroneum, according to whitepaper, it means cryptocurrency or “alt coin”. Electroneum is digital application which allows anyone to install it in their phone. The installation only takes a few minute. After installing this application, the user can see their Electroneum in their wallet. Electroneum can be defined as integral currency which has easy access to cryptocurrency. Anyone who had done install this application can collect electroneum by mining experiences from the app. The application using specialist equipment in “mined” the cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain technology is the first technology which includes cryptocurrency, crypto tokens and other digital assets. This technology raises higher stage of experiences at the time. It begins in 2017, which Bitcoin as the first number of cryptocurrency in market capitalization with higher value is 12 billion US dollars. Despite of Bitcoin, Ethereum which is become a new starter of currency which have value 700 million USD. In 2017, Bitcoin is being an uncontrollable in market capitalization the value is over 40 billion USD. It also happens with Ethereum which do the same thing with Bitcoin, although it is the new starter in market capitalization the value is over 28 billion USD. Blockchain technology and decentralization of currency gives advantages for the market. Being a new application, the team wishes that Electroneum being a great demand for long-term investor and digital coin speculators.
Electroneum token sale
In the Electroneum crowdsale token sale, the company uses token sale to increase their funds. There is a chance to purchase tokens for investor to increase their Electroneum. The token sale will start on September 14th, 2017. Then, October 31st, 2017 was the end of token sale. There will be a total of 6.3 billion Electroneum coins where each coin is $0.01 US Cent at the offering. The payment must using Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Period Date Bonus Rate Electroneum Issued
1st 7 days 14th — 20th Sept 2017 50% 150 coins per USD $1
2nd 7 days 21st — 27th Sept 2017 40% 140 coins per USD $1
3rd 7 days 28th Sept — 4th Oct 2017 30% 130 coins per USD $1
4th 7 days 5th — 11th Oct 2017 20% 120 coins per USD $1
5th 7 days 12th — 18th Oct 2017 10% 110 coins per USD $1
Last 19th — 31st Oct 2017 0% 100 coins per USD $1
Discussing about the token sale, not all of Electroneum was sold out. There is any Electroneum which left during the closing of token sale. Those tokens will be distributed into user’s mobile mining bonus storage. Yet, there is no 100% guarantee of those coins. Sometimes, those coins will be burned or destroyed. Therefore, the company decided that investors who used their coins in controlled manner will increase their mobile miners return. Furthermore, it also increases the number of viral Electroneum users and the value of Electroneum for all investors. But, there is an exeption, if the estimate of Electroneum only USD $30 per month the mobile miners will not release bonus pool.
As a new application, Electroneum has substantial part in blockchain technology. This application helps anyone via mobile app. By using your phone, you can do mining via your phone. This application is comfortable, friendly and accessible. This application has great security.
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