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Crypterium OpenAPI  -  A banking platform that enables developers solutions for a decentralized economy

Crypterium looks like to be the next big thing
The beginning of a development of digital currencies that can actually provide greater profits than ordinary money, this is already clear evidence that the development of digital technology is bringing new influences from the sector of economic improvement country. Some countries have implemented payment systems using digital currencies because they are considered easier, effective and certainly much safer. Any transaction recorded at Blockchain makes it easy for businesses to monitor their asset development quite easily. Ease of payment, shopping until currency exchange BTC is easier and very profitable.

In this article, we will explain to you what kind of Crypterium works to simplify your transactions in digital through the application on your phone. What is Crypterium and For What Is Its Function? This diarticle we will explain in detail what kind of Crypterium and its own function. Crypterium is a banking platform that has far more optimal functionality than other digital currencies, just like with BTC and some other types of digital currencies, a more prominent difference than crypterium is a bank platform with advantages not shared by other platforms. This is enough to prove that Cryptrium can be relied upon to be a very profitable business asset.
Let’s language together what is Crypterium up to its function. Crypterium is a platform used to generate assets in the form of a private bank, you can do anything with your platforms such as shopping, exchange with foreign currency and others. With this, of course your needs will be financially more leverage than ever before. Maybe you need some reason, why should Crypterium? these are 5 reasons why you should choose CRPT.
a. Quotes are very limited, this is what makes CRPT so very special, token offer only takes place when ICO is organized only, so you can not buy token outside ICO.
b. The constant demand, there are many token requests from CRPT are quickly depleted, this indicates that CRPT is really much needed as a means for transactions.
c. Award for Loyalty, the third privilege that cannot be earned from other platforms is an award for loyalty, for those of you who have become CRPT clients will get 80% cashback from every transaction that has been done.
d. Compliance with SEC, Crypterium also fully cooperates with Blockchain to ensure the security of every transaction and token sale outside ICO.
e. Practitioners are careful, next excess is no less interesting is CRPT has a technician who has experienced 5 years in operating Blockchain so it can be assured security and your account savety 100%.
Crypterium really does provide solutions to the problem of assets with digital currencies, not many people know beyond that CRPT so facilitate their work with the advantage of assets much larger than other platforms. The following are some of the advantages that are enough to make CRPT larger in the future. The first is about the company’s own experience that has been established for 7 years, this is strong evidence that CRPT is really very experienced in the contribution of the business world. Then the second is to develop ecosystems with more sophisticated changes, the goal is to create a digital bank without a contract at all, so you are free enough to get a contract and terminate the contract. Third, the value of the low and fast currency swatter becomes its own advantages possessed by CRPT. Next is to have a credit and loan system, this is a differentiator between other digital currencies, the purpose of Crypterium in addition to functioning as a digital currency also has a function as a place or bank to accommodate the assets of the owner of CRPT. Not only that, Cryptobanking is a potential market, for 1 year alone able to produce at least 10 trillion dollars with a area market so broad, according to IT Financials, CRPT entry in TOP 50 Fintech list is the most widely used in the world.
How to token sales stages in Crypterium?
For token sales itself is quite varied, some of which starts from November 2017 to December
2017, token sales are also quite profitable owners of the asset, because indirectly have received bonuses ranging from + 3% — + 15% own. Very profitable.
What Makes Crypterium More Superior From Other Platforms?

This question posed many fans of Blockchain, they as a fan of Blockchain, of course want to know more about what the advantages and advantages of Crypterium itself. We will here give you an answer related to that question. First is a bank created with a digital system or called Cryptobank that can be operated with your gadget, not only that, no less important is a lot of programs and special offers for clients such as cashback up to 80% and easier payment using android pay, apple pay, NFC and QR. Plus that with this CRPT you can get loans wherever you are, a combination of intelligent scoring system, integration with third parties and other things that quite facilitate Blockchain business people.
More Detailed Details

a. Wallet with smart contract 

b. PCI-DSS certification
c. Limits that can be managed (Daily or single)
d. Multisig Wallet
e. Monitoring in case of fraud
f. Intelligent financial technical audit
Blockchain-based Credit System Technology In its own application Crypterium has many advantages that may not be shared by most other blockchain platforms. Some things you need to understand like about credit, in CRPT every client is entitled to CRED credit. Essentially the interest rate applied will be guaranteed security in accordance with payment time, then the next is the process of exchange of digital currency with other currencies quite easily, all
customers can do it very quickly. How to open the application crypterium bank — Select the type of Transaction and do a scan code to redeem or make a payment. This simulation can be an understanding of what CRPT is working to develop the Global economy.
How is the purchase structure of CRPT tokens?

In this case the following explanation of the purchase of tokens for CRPT, first you must know in advance what the price for 1 token, currently own price is only 0.0001 BTC / Bitcoin. To purchase your own token you can use BITCOIN or ETHEREAL. While the time period for the token exchange itself in just 75 days since the opening of the next ICO. These are some of Crypterium’s meanings and functions as digital currencies that are so beneficial in terms of the Global economy. Easy, fast and secure for sure. Immediately join and get a Token bonus up to 15% in
Token Sale Details

Extra bonuses allocation

Token distribution

  • 70% Total ICO distribution to the community
  • 15% Tokens allocated for marketing and loyalty purposes
  • 9% Reserved for the founders and management of the ICO
  • 3% Reserved for ICO partner advisers
  • 3% Reserved for marketing campaign team

Road Map

More information see below:
To learn more about the projects visit the official website

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