Minggu, November 12, 2017

Aeron – safety aviation powered by blockchain

Nowadays, people who want travel around the world never worry about their safety. There is a company which provide new application namely Aeron. This application powered by blockchain. As information, this aviation already exists in the world for 11 years. Their priority is passengers’ live. There are two people who have crucial position in Aeron; those are Konstantin Gertman who is Co-founder of aerotrips.com and Nadezhda who is a pilot, aircraft operation and air traffic management engineer.
Discussing aviation market, in this era, people prefer to invest their money for travelling. Therefore, aviation has substantial part in this way. Invest our money for travelling is best way rather that thinking to spend it for shopping or going out locally. A lot of people prefer going abroad in their 20 years old and 30 years old just for holiday, study or exchange for cultural experiences. Sometimes, they never think about any economy uncertainty. It happens because their desire of going abroad is higher than spend their time in local area. Therefore, many tourist comes to others state only for explore others culture, or just travelling to find something different from their own home. Due to this situation, some of tourism place becoming substantial part, and it has impact for air transport which becomes vital role in supporting it.
Furthermore, aviation also has its problems. Some of the problems come from human factor but not always. Such as, lack of pilot experience, doing counterfeit for the flight log record, the lower problem is “pay to fly” practices which the pilot never working, flight schools doing corrupt, aircraft operators underreporting the flight hours, saving huge maintenance fees for the aircraft. In spite of it, the company also faces database intrusion, and distortion of data. According to the problems, the company also provides the solution. The solution is using blockchain technology which settles the flight time and maintenance logs.
Discussing about aviation, it cannot be separated from ARN token. The growing of aviation industry affects some impact to aviation economy. The impacts are more aircraft are constructed, more airports are built, and volume of passengers and cargo is increase regularly. ARN token should be owned by pilots, flight school or aviation company therefore Aeron platform is used. Therefore, the growing of ARN comes from customers who buy ARN. In the fact, pilot, flight school and aviation companies get income regularly and it become investment which support Aeron system which will increase market price. Gaining large number of customers is the essential factor in increasing ARN token.
The graphic below is about ARN market price and ARN token growth rate

Resulting from flight safety, Aeron focuses on safer flights — the more people fly — the higher worldwide GDP becomes. Therefore, Aeron are expecting the higher rate of media which will support Aeron concept. Beside, Aeron also enter B2C market which has profitable aid to the prospective passengers and general public. Acquiring help from Aeron platform and aerotrips.com portal, there is private accesses to private flight charters, flight schools offers, trips, flight training and other service for customers.
To sum up, aviation is substantial part in Aeron system. This system uses blockchain as its security. The problems of aviation come from human factor besides the company system also play on it too. Aviation professionals also give impact to ARN token. In order to increase the growth of ARN market price, aviation should contribute with it.

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