Sabtu, Oktober 14, 2017

The implementation of Sand Coin’s plan as a project

This project has opportunity to financially engage in the Sand Coin project. The implementation of this project based on the real product of blockchain. Also, cubic meters of mortar sand. In the previous article already explain that the total volume of sand approximated to be 14.4 million cubic meters. According to this, the average of market price of 1 cubic meter of sand is $5.30. Moreover, total earnings of the quarry will be estimate as — 14 400 000 m3* $5.30 = $ 76 320 000.

This project discussing the amount of sand’s revenue during pre-ICO and ICO -3.4 million m3 = 3400 000 SAND COIN. The price offered the buyers during crowdsale $0.95 — $1.35 = 1 m3 ($0.95 — $1.35 = 1 SAND COIN). Therefore, the maximum amount of funds raised through crowdsale is $3 528 600.
Discussing the fundamental stages of the project, the buyer should understand about these stages. There are seven stages, first pre-ICO, July — August 2017. In the first stages, the pre-ICO buyer will be offered to purchase cryptocurrency tokens equal to 230 000 cubic meters of sand (230 000 SAND COIN). 1 SAND COIN = $0.95. Second, ICO, September — October 2017. During the ICO buyers will be offered to purchase cryptocurrency tokens wqual to 3 170 000 cubic meters of sand (3 170 000 SAND COIN). 1 SAND COIN = $1.25 — $1.35. In this stages has minimal asphalt that equal to the amount required for the first stage of quarry development — $1 175 000. Third, power grids, this section the construction of infrastructure necessary for sand mining, purchase of equipment. It will be held on October 2017 — April 2018. Fourth, conducting stripping work, it is the beginning of quarry development that will be held on May 2018. Fifth, the buy back launch, on July 2018. Sixth, being a partner with other non-metallic materials quarries. Then, connect it to SAND COIN system, February 2019. Seventh, launch the development of second sand mining, 2020. In addition, the sequence of sand coin project has a lot of funds. Therefore, the buyer should prepare in the earlier
To make it clear, please look at this diagram below.

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