Minggu, Oktober 15, 2017

The Financials of Sand Quarry Development

Discussing the stages of sand quarry development, there are two stages that should be done by the company. The financials also must be prepared thoroughly. The first stage includes: legal documentation preparation, connecting to the electricity, entry multiple manufactures and outbuildings manufacture. Budget of the first stage is — $1 175 000. Furthermore, the second stage includes: stripping works, purchase of equipment, and buying the vehicles for sand transportation. The budget of second stage is — $2 353 600. Besides, every month there is budget that should be paid by the company for sand mining, staff salary, administration costs — $95 000.

There is monthly earnings based on average of 90 000 m3 of sand quarried (3000 m3 a day) and average market price of $5.30 for 1 m3 of sand — 90 000*5.30 = $447 000. In addition, the last total is advantages of sand mining. Moreover, mining 1 cubic meter of sand costs $1.25. During quarry development and earning materials purchase, the expenses of mining will be constantly decreased.
Hence sand mining will be exploited at the average rate of 90 000 m3 every month. This quarry will be depleted in 13.5 years. If these plan done, the company will do another plan like fish farming or other plan which appropriate with this region economic activity.
In addition, during pre-ICO there is a way to earn a substantial profit as soon as SAND COIN enters the market for buyers. The price of 1 SAND COIN(equivalent to 1 m3 of sand) during crowdsale = $0.95 — $1.35. There is also average market price of 1 m3 of mortar sand = $5.30.
Based on form of engagement, the company forecast the increase of valuable rate of SAND COIN as soon as possible after enters the market. Therefore, the cryptocurrency token price will be balance, once of quarry manufacture begins. The company also forecast that SAND COIN can increase the value even more due to the buy back in July 2018. Due to the partnership with other non-metallic material miners and its participation in SAND COIN, it will increase price growth stages which will be held in February 2019. Moreover, according to the sequences of the plan project, in 2020 will be held the launch of second quarry manufacture.

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