Jumat, Oktober 13, 2017

Sand Coin’s project in Moscow Region

In Moscow region, there are 109 hectare (269,354 acres) plot of land that the project of Sand coin will be held. Because of the situation of this land is 60 km away from Moscow and 10 km away from construction site of Central Ring Road junction, this land become an attractive area for future development into mortar sand mining. As the real estate property, this land is valued at $1.8 million without value of prospective sand mining. This land also certificated from the Russian Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency which view the subsoil on this land.

In order to know the resources of this land, the region made survey which drilling 16 holes and 5 boreholes on the grid of 300x300 meters. It aims to evaluate the sand resources and the categories of the sand. Therefore, in the future this region has to confirm the presence of the sand resources of the R2 category. Furthermore, this region has done in conducting appraisal drilling with core extraction and testing samples extraction. It was 16 meters in depth, and the results are, topsoil 0,15 meters (stripping 15 centimeters), in the middle of land the depth of up to 16 meters was sand in which medium and coarse, the last there was water cut from the depth of 4 meters.
There is only 90 hectares for sand quarry to mining the land from the total area. It happen because the area has legal regulation in which the region could not conducted mining without it. In this project, sand mining has facilities like water cut which using hydro mechanical extraction. Furthermore, the total volume of sand approximated to be 14.4 million cubic meters.
After extracting the sand, the result of it will be ready for sale product. It will consist of grade 1 and 2. Here is the explanation, there are rank of the sand begin with very fine sand — fineness modulus of 1.0–1.5, fine sand — fineness modulus -1.5–2.0, medium sand — fineness — 2.0–2.5, coarse sand — fineness modulus — 2.5–3.0. It means that the first sand has good quality.
In order to make it easier when mining, the region provides 150 kW of electricity. And also necessary infrastructure, but not only it the construction of outbuildings also will be provided. For instance, a building for the sales department, accounting, and administrative supply department, it is around 300 square meters; housing for the mining staff to afford uninterrupted assessment non-metallic materials, 250 square meters. Moreover, the region also provide transport infrastructure, it will be 500 meters long and 8 meters wide asphalt surface complex which would allow year-round sand mining operation.
To sum up, there are 109 hectares areas which would be new infrastructure of sand. But, the fact is only 90 hectares that will be the real areas for sand mining. It happens because the limitation of legal regulation. In the next year, Moscow region will be changed; there will be a lot of sand mining and the construction will be current construction.

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