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Digipulse - as inheritance of our assets in live

Resulting from many accident occur in the world, there is a service which help people in saving their assets like monetary value in stored online. People can save their assets or transfer it to family if something happened in their life, for instance death. The service which called digipulse is come from the fact that all of humans will be mortality. Besides, not all of the family can access this service, because it is using cryptocurrency which have good security.

The service not always do correct activity, there is also have a problem. In 2009, there is blockchain technology which made all of people use cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of purchases and investments. But, there is a flaw, if the user can’t access the digital wallet where the currency is stored, these assets will inoperative and the data will lost forever. It is only occur if someone saves their asset in crypto wallets. Considering this problem, there is no other solution exists except making cryptocurrency assets inheritable. Concerning with this problem, the master password should share the password boxes and the information to an inheritor for the first time. Furthermore, centralization also plays a huge role in the asset storage process.
The opportunity
There are two perfect setting of asset encryption and distribution storage which using blockchain and the decentralization aspect. By using this aspect, people around the world not allowed to encrypt, split, and store information on multiple devices. Being service provider, it cannot access the information to the user whishes to encrypt and threat of internal risk which can be check completely. Discussing the Ethereum smart contract, this tool using technology to create a new service in which this tool will save our asset safely. Also it will be inheritance and remain anonymous in the process. Moreover, the use of automated way namely “activity tracking” is the solution of inheritance access. It will use multiple web based integrations or the smart contract. This solution is a onetime set-up of the service.
Token holders
The ICO will be start on 01.10.2017 and ends on 31.10.2017. When the purchase market entered, the user tokens will be directly transferred to their account. The digipulse team will uses Ethereum contract to produce the DGPT tokens. 12,700,000 DGPT will available for purchase from total accumulation is 20,483,871 DGPT.
Token sale detail
Join on token sale :
Time: 01.10.2017 to 31.10.2017.
Token ticker: DGPT
Total Supply: 20,483,871
Total DGPT during ICO: 12.7 million tokens
Minimum purchase per person: 0.5 ETH
Maximum purchase per person: 2,000,000 Tokens
Currency received: ETH
Token Price: 0.004 ETH per Token

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