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European Crypto Bank - Let’s Build the Cryptobank of the Future

Understanding ECB Token

ECB stipulates a solution linked to crypto trading often experienced by users. ECB uses Blockchain technology for a buffer framework for the full banking ecosystem that has been invented in such a manner. Not only provides an easy-to use platforkm, ECB also can function as a personal advisor for you or your company. ECB offers an exchange assistance, which may be used by users easily and securely. By applying the technology of robot advisor, advisor group and market analyst, ECB extends to you the best assistance on the planet of cryptocurrency. ECB is prepared to support and advise on the current neighborhood regulations, which are associated with your cryptocurrencies portfolios. ECB is going to be the platform that permits anyone on earth to produce crypto investments and benefit from exactly the same services traditional banks offer for fiat money.
Therefore, anyone on the planet can access the Tokens platform, but there isn't any true need to ever have any DTR tokens if you aren't interested in the reduced trading fees and whatnot. It is exactly the same way with the crypto market. As stated by the European Crypto Bank team, estimates an entire sum of 550,000,000,000, the sector is definitely in demand of trading platforms. Investors must get at least 20 ECB tokens to participate. It will offer financial advisors to its investors and will also aid with tax advice.
Records of every trade will want to get recorded. The variety of choices is increasing each and every day. In the present globalized world, the amount of services extended in the market for crypto money is quite high and these services are continuously increasing. Imagine how hard it is to choose while you don't have sufficient info, hundreds of choices are lying facing you, and you're terrified of making mistake. It usually means that most people don't have any enough info and experience of cryptocurrencies world. None of the info you read on CryptoSlate ought to be taken as investment advice. Link to the bright contract and address will be available before the start of the crowdsale.
The crypto currencies sometimes experience a great deal of volatility. Through this platform, they can be bought in foreign currency. Regardless of the uncertain regulatory framework, the European Crypto Bank would like to offer European investors another chance to gain from crypto-market and at the exact time managing the risks. The European Crypto Bank (ECB) has existed for the previous ten decades. Crypto money is growing very attractive for investors, but additionally, it presents difficulties and problems for investors due to numerous disadvantages. It is going to also be utilized to offer incentive for early adopters.
The European Crypto Bank initiative, for example, is rather attention-grabbing, even whether its ticker image might even draw in a high number of undesirable consideration. It aims to make a big impact in this regard. I want to inform you about this European Crypto Bank project that I think is very important to you in so many projects.

What About ECB Token?

The ECB platform is going to be designed with the hottest technological developments. More specifically, it appears this platform is intended to help others make cash with cryptocurrency. The majority of the present trading platforms are far from optimal, and it seems Tokens intends to earn a positive effect in this aspect. In order to accomplish a worldwide market, they have to encourage the system. This system is currently being utilized by ECB and stays functional later on under licensing deals. The banking process is hostile and unfriendly, as cryptos are regarded as a significant competitor to the conventional procedure for banking. Cold storage of part of the collected funds to fund the undertaking is going to be organized on the grounds of hardware wallets (Ledger wallet).
The coming of the ECB token takes crypto banking to a completely new dimension. If you purchase with Cryptocurrency you will get your ECB tokens within one day. ECB tokens may be used to obtain services on the platform, and may also be utilised as collateral and to receive credit.
Many people must take enormous risks in a market they don't know. There's lots of potential for improved cryptocurrency exchanges. This will give a wonderful advantage for those clients.
There are many choices of services provided by different platforms. Because there's a need to raise commissions at quite higher rates in the stock exchanges used to purchase crypto currencies up to now. It is going to be a huge assistance, particularly for the investors. It is going to likewise be able to support fiscal guidance, financial analysis of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The services provided by the ECB are extremely diverse. Additionally, customers will profit from these types of robots in many distinct places. It is intended to help users at each point of investing.

Tokens and ICO Details

  • PRESALE STARTS FOR PUBLIC ICO SALE: February 1st, 2018 - 20:00 GMT +1
  • TOKEN SALES START DATE & TIME: February 16, 2018 - 20:00 GMT +1
  • TOKEN SALES END DATE & TIME: May 1st, 2018 - 20:00 GMT+1
  • WALLET FOR ICO: Ethereum Multisig 3/4 Wallet
  • SALE GEOGRAPHY: Wole World except USA

Token Distribution

Use Of Proceeds


The Founding Team




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Bittwatt - Energy for the 21st Century

The Insider Secret on Bittwatt Revealed

Bittwatt was constructed to develop into a regular. Bittwatt will give a remedy to the present energy sector issues. This is precisely why Bittwatt chose to enter the present market scenario to address these strategic problems of the industry when ensuring the growth in the usage of sustainable and renewable energy resources to get a better future. Bittwatt encapsulates lots of critical characteristics that enable you to scale the requirements of each brand or each location in your network. Bittwatt summarizes lots of crucial characteristics that make it possible for you to gauge the requirements of each brand or any location on your network. The way by which BittWatt works is quite straightforward. All things considered, BittWatt changes how the energy industry works today completely.

What Everybody Dislikes About Bittwatt and Why

As a result of the technology supplied by the blockchain, people don't even have to trust each other because smart contracts will do whatever is in their capacity to arrange the company automatically and assure security for the two sides while people don't should do anything except accept them. Even if solar power is economically uncompetitive at the moment, adoption of SolarCoin would boost its value, which gives an extra incentive to enter the business enterprise. In the prior days, power and coal were synonymous. It also has to be mentioned that energy is hard to store, it can't be kept in stock. Presently, I will discuss energy linked to infrastructure, that is electrical energy.
If you attempt looking for the original article on Google, it's at the peak of the list, but if you click on it, you aren't taken to the report. This page lists any security headers determined by the principal page. The continuing ICO list page also have a button that is connected to the official site of the ICO and you can also locate the hyperlink to their whitepaper and also to their social networking sites wherein you're able to follow them to get updates from them. This information isn't meant to amount to advice on which you need to rely. The broader information is going to be given to each of the parts to create the business run smoothly. When you click the reference, you merely wind up at the more recent article again.
Because of the actual time matching process and balances, there's a substantial decrease in cost of energy, there's an increase in speed of transactions. The next advantage is linked to the settlement. The scientific community is starting to take notice. It will attempt to keep each one of the very good environment lasted for a longer time. Bitcoin's decentralized nature has the chance to alleviate a number of these problems. The last integration world around will be created in 2022, what means, Bittwatt will rise extremely fast! As a consequence of this, some countries on the planet have announced that they'll be taking a delve into the creation of electric vehicles.
Employing the present mechanisms, you can just find jealous of your friends living in Singapore! Hi friends, allow me to let you on an extraordinary news. It's possible to skip this part if you previously do. Even those who didn't have an opportunity to invest but are supporting 0chain, we wish to thank them too. There aren't any actual time reporting. Today, since it's today, existing energy ecosystems are constructed around the exchange, actually, from unstructured info. To offer you more information to assist you decide for what ICO you wish to put money into today, this Ongoing ICO page provides the proper information for you.

Tokens and ICO Details

  • Token name: BWT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token price: 0,12$
  • Softcap: $25,300,000
  • Hardcap: $30,400,000
  • Accepted: BTC ETH & COSS

Token Sale

Token Distribution

  • 300,000,000 tokens are sold during the ICO7
  • 40,000,000 tokens are reserved for the team
  • 20,000,000 tokens are reserved for advisors
  • 20,000,000 tokens are reserved for country advisors
  • 8,000,000 tokens are reserved as bounty
  • 12,000,000 tokens are reserved for country-level marketing


roadmap bittwatt.png

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Dbrain - Open Blockchain to Collectively Build AI Apps

Reproducibility The calculation needs to be simple enough so the parties involved can multiply it independently. Later, verification should be completed so as to show that you're a true individual, not a bot. So as to begin earning, an individual might have to finish an easy registration at Dbrain web website. The internet application lets users do the tasks which they can do in order to receive and withdraw DBR. With artificial intelligence, this course of action is all but the exact same. To try it, one needs to finish a registration procedure that can be initiated by clicking on the Sign up button. The whole procedure will take up to two minutes even in the event you take a break for coffee.
Dbrain is an internet platform to make and train Artificial Intelligence applications. Dbrain gives unbanked people a chance to elevate their standard of living and become part of global financial system because of blockchain cross-border reach. Dbrain already supplies a huge variety of turnkey solutions. DBrain makes it feasible for a company to get AI technology at a good price. DBrain will produce the system named Spock Protocol. Dbrain employs the blocking and crypto currency protocols as a result of AI manufacturing cycle. If you're interested in DBrain you can find more info about DBrain with the links below.
The entire number of present Dbraincoins is fixed. It is stable. When a lot of validators agree on the caliber of the outcomes of the assignment, the original worker receives higher payments and ratings. Countries that have yet to develop can make the most of the chance to work on something that needs a minimal skill collection.
An intelligent machine has to have a variety of characteristics and has to correspond to some particular standards. These individuals are primarily involved with training digital neural systems together with in the introduction of AI based dApps. Built-in security technology provides consumers with a greater quality experience and far better value in the services provided. This platform uses the Spock protocol a protocol that has been demonstrated to validate the attribute of labeling and other internal services. The Dbrain platform offers an accessible framework to boost businesses with higher excellent AI combined via an appropriate API (Application Program Interface). The majority of the current online platforms do not offer sufficient data-labeling tools.
The project was made in order to produce the great artificial intelligence. A project named DBrain created and implemented a platform that could become a response to the issue of producing AI programs. Although the growth of AI-based programs or apps is limited because of the inaccessibility of information sets and tools. At precisely the same time, the developers do all of the work regarding integration and adjustment to certain needs of an organization. In the end, they offer to elaborate why you have decided to invest in the project. AI providers can make and certify their data quickly, accurately and easily and those people who are desperate to find work or get into business with AI can make a living. Giant companies like Google, Microsoft and others have been attempting to create artificial intelligence for decades, but they still can't do a miracle and create the program think as an individual.

Get in Whitelist

Token info

  • Token = DBR
  • Platform = Ethereum
  • Type = ERC20
  • Price 1 DBR = 2 USD

Investment info

  • Accepting = ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap = 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap = 40,000,000 USD


founder drain.png


ADVISORS drain.png


roadmap drain.png

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AirPod – Transforming Travel and Napping Industry

The APOD token won't be related to the cryptomarket. All around the presale, 140 million APOD tokens will be presented. The sooner you participate the more tokens you'll get. Token circulation Tokens will begin to circulate between AirPod project and our clients, creating our very own internal economy. The terminals aren't only noisy but have zero privacy. Passengers want a fast, easy and cost-effective approach to shell out just for a couple hours.
As you may see, there are lots of characteristics to recommend AirPods. Another factor is the higher costs of purchasing an adequate object of hardware. Next, after that, you need to be some amount of attractive, obviously. Certainly, there's a potential for men and women in the not too distant future. Let's check out the 5 important advantages you will revel in once the use of an AirPod.
None of the info you read on CryptoSlate ought to be taken as investment advice. It's possible to inspect the accessibility to each AirPod hub on-site. You may discover more information about those periods below. ICO processes sometimes bring about incredible success. The system will lead you get through the approach. Furthermore, there are several controls accessed from the exact smaller buds themselves. Then there's the optical sensor which ensures your Token locks your credentials after you take it off, and therefore you don't need to be concerned about losing it.
AirPod will use blockchain technology to alleviate the pod rental strategy. AirPod will use blockchain technology to complete the pod rental strategy. The very first airpod counts to be set up in the very first portion of 2019. It's very good to likewise note that Airpod is intended for appropriate relaxation and convenience within any spot it's installed. Why Use AirPod AirPod is prepared to strengthen vacationers enjoy by means of addressing the matter of lengthy ready hours in airport terminals.
AirPod offers the chance to take part in an ICO, backed by a true enterprise. The AIRPOD will also be found in hotels, offices and public spaces, which makes it a lot easier for people who should rest to find the rest they require in a relaxed environment. To be able to facilitate growth within this undertaking, AIRPOD is holding a TOKEN SALE to let everyone be part of this business should they so desire. Airpod is going to be the solution for you that you're looking for relaxation and privacy in a crowded location. The AirPod Sleeping Pod is very good as it lets you rest whilst enjoying your own privacy. The Airpod is famous for its slogan of relax, work and revel in on the blockchain. While pairing AirPods with your Apple device is pretty simple, there are lots of other subtle characteristics that produce the AirPods even more useful.
You might need to await the plane to earn a delay. Regardless, it is going to help it become a top priority to discover what triggered the incident. Another big issue with the outdated financial system is that lots of people don't have accessibility to it.
It is possible to even pitch in a couple of additional work whilst waiting for your next flight. You are going to be relaxed and revitalized in no moment! Especially since buying things on the web usually requires you to complete your private info on some form. The concept is to supply the best kind of relaxation in public places and spaces generally speaking.
Based on the success of the undertaking and its partnerships, the undertaking can offer remarkable services later on. The proposal may be licensed or rejected. It might be authorized or rejected. It will be approved or rejected.
It is possible to purchase a prebuilt machine or build one yourself and then you devote a small sum of time setting up files and programs that let you to mine. With AirPod sleek, ergonomic design, it might be slot into a number of surroundings. Sometimes you've got to play the game to alter the game, I admit to Contessa.
The custom made Blockchain we're creating will assist us to fulfill our objectives as a provider. Pre-Sale is the very first time that tokens will be created open to the overall public. Crowdsale is the principal event where everybody can participate. Crowdsale Crowdsale is the principal event where everybody can participate. Instead of needing to use a financial institution account, debit card, or fiat as the principal way of purchasing cryptocurrency, Paxful allows more than 300 ways for a man to purchase Bitcoin, including through gift cards.
To start with, their design is innocuous in only the correct way. The platform will ensure it is conceivable to research the price assortment of the AirPods without spending a dime and create a choice the only they should undertake. The platform will allow it to be potential to research the funds of the AirPods totally free and decide on the one they desire to undertake. Fortunately, there's a whole cottage industry of AirPod accessories to boost the lookand performanceof your wireless headset. For instance, partnerships with projects like Netflix and Spotify can be quite enjoyable.
Team members have the fantastic strategy as well experience, so in a quick period, passengers will start to relish their personal space in all key foreign airports. Token holders may be part of this plan. APOD tokens that's pre-sale hard cap.


  • Name: Airpod token
  • Symbol: APOD
  • Token value: $0.10
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Token issued: 250,000,000
  • Available in public token sale: up to 200,000,000


  • Start date: April 2018
  • End date: TBA
  • Token distribution date: Immediately after the crowdsale
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Softcap: $2,700.000.00
  • Hard Cap: $20,000,000.00


  • Crowdsale: 200.000.000 APOD (80%)
  • Founders Fund: 30.000.000 APOD (12%)
  • Supporters & Contractors Fund: 9.000.000 APOD (3.6%)
  • Bounty campaign – up to 5.000.000 (2%)
  • Advisers, Ambassadors - 3.000.000 APOD (1.2%)
  • Company reserve - liquidity pool: 2.000.000 APOD (0.8%)
  • AirDrop - 1.000.000 APOD (0.4%)


  • 61% Production and distribution
  • 17% Marketing
  • 15% Company operations
  • 5% DAPP Platform development
  • 2% Legal


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DocTailor - Self Customising Smart Contracts & Agreements on the Blockchain

Users can even earn money in different ways in similar methods and clauses. Where a user will obtain help through templates saved in DocTailor, on the flip side, the developer will be able to produce money. Clause Selection User have the ability to select form an-unlimited database of carefully formulated clauses which have been precreated by legal professionals from several industries. So far, applications are primarily focused on wallets and internet exchanges, even though there are a few smart contract services and monitoring tools out there. There's no requirement for companies to supply the voluminous investor disclosures they would have to for an IPO. There's an urgent requirement for a solution like the DocTailor platform. In different hands, there's an urgent requirement for DocTailor platform where the feature intelligent clause automatically identifies and illuminate of document parts, contract, or another kind of agreement that might have to be change apropriate the objective.
Commonly used clauses like confidentiality, consideration, indemnification and force majeure can easily be accessible to accelerate the practice of contract creation and execution. As smart contracts have the ability to be self-executing and extremely secure, they can act as a core element of any bank's Business Process Management and document management systems which will bring about significant savings for mortgage lenders. As a consequence of knowing the legitimate ownership in any way times, the exact smart contract would guarantee that a royalty payment is generated and paid in real moment.
DocTailor is a kind of a sensible contract technology platform that's using blockchain system to make sure that contracts, documents, and legal data can be used effortlessly. DocTailor presents many intriguing services that may be beneficial for whoever needs them and has plenty of potential to grow a lot within the next few decades, so think about this company to be an excellent investment. DocTailor provides a digital document that may be utilized to legalize a transaction. DocTailor works with various parties (for example, lawyers and law firms) to deliver a really intelligent contract document. DocTailor would like to be among the few blockchain-based businesses that does not only offer benefits but also give legitimate smart contracts. DocTailor believes this industry has potential, so it'll be important to have these sorts of contracts in the future once the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies become more mainstream.
The system is going to be developed to work automatically using the AI-based system. The brokerage system of BitNautic will give ship-owners a chance to provide the ships that they can avail to get going at work. An individual should realize that using a new technology, which is truly created for the ease to conduct business, is beneficial in a lot of ways. Blockchain technology is going to be utilized to keep the consistency accuracy and clarity of wording, to be certain that the legal document structure remains whole.
The solution are available in the DocTailor platform which has been designed to fix the issue through provision of an automated legal contract database that can be used to make growth and development opportunities. The DocTailor platform gives you the ability to create your very own smart contracts that better suits the requirements of your enterprise. It is aiming to solve this problem by providing easy to access system and build the ecosystem which is self-sustaining for long period of time. The platform would bring everybody associated on the exact table where high market demand can readily be translated into the surplus supply. Zloadr's new platform will address this issue by making new avenues for businesses that require contracts and legal agreements.
Based on the qualities and advantages of the DocTailor platform, it's apparent that the platforms it is important to achieve are goals of revolutionizing the landscape. It is among the most mature blockchain platforms that's widely adopted by cryptocurrency community. The platform is intended to bridge between non-crypto company and the cryptoccurrency community itself. There's no other platform that may offer bright contracts execution speed near to this.
Developing the company is achieved by offering new service to clients. In human resources, as an example, It is reported it can cost an ordinary business up to $750 to prepare a simple employment contract. In human resources, for instance, it's reported that it may cost a typical business up to $750 to prepare a simple employment contract. Ensure you study the industry carefully, purchase the dip where possible and search for long-term, highly promising Cryptocurrency with a sound company, team, and prospects. In the end, cryptocurrency trading is likely to make massive winners and losers, but your place between both largely depends upon your prior comprehension of a currency's potential. It's still quite hard to tell precisely the currencies that will endure the test of time or even the ones that will flop.


Token info

  • Token: DOCT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO 1 ETH = 2700 DOCT
  • Tokens for sale: 300,000,000


team doct.png


advestisor doct.png

Roadmap and Timeline

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